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Do you not care that we perish? USD 500,000 urgently required for humanitarian health assistance in Twic East


Community in Need Aid  – South Sudan


Do you not care that we perish? USD 500,000 urgently required for humanitarian health assistance in Twic East 09 August 2021 – Panyagor, Twic East, Jonglei State South Sudan

CINA South Sudan with community members, Twic East county authorities and partners, today launched a ‘’Humanitarian Health Appeal: Do you not care that we perish?’’ requesting for USD 500,000 to reach 35,448 children and families displaced by conflicts and floods in Twic East until September 2021.

CINA South Sudan is a national NGO, founded in 2010, with headquarters in Juba, envisioned to see a society where children and families prosper beyond conflicts and disasters. CINA South Sudan is mandated to save lives, protect dignity and develop resilience of South Sudanese children and families from the effects of conflicts and disasters. CINA South Sudan currently works in Jonglei, Lakes, Eastern Equatoria and Central Equatoria states undertaking a four-pillar program known as ‘’HELP program’’, standing for Health, Education, Livelihoods and Protection, for children, families and communities.

As part of promoting its healthcare objective, CINA has launched a Humanitarian Health Appeal today in Twic East County of Jonglei State.

‘’To enable CINA South Sudan to provide time-critical humanitarian health assistance, I have released today USD 75,000 from CINA South Sudan’s Trust Fund to assist over 7,000 displaced children and families in the hard-hit payams of Lith (Dong), Nyuak, Pakeer (Patiou) and Kongor (Panyagor), Twic East’’, said Dr. Machuor Daniel, Executive Director of CINA South Sudan.

The Appeal is a response to the findings from coordinated needs assessment conducted by partners in the five payams of Twic East on 29th July 2020 and a subsequent rapid assessment conducted by CINA South Sudan in the islands of Panguet, Apiir, and Pachuil on 2nd September 2020. We pitied the situation of children and women in these islands. ‘’Do you people in Juba really not care that we perish here with our children?’’. A woman bitten by a snake asked CINA’s assessment team in tears. ‘’We have been displaced three times in three weeks with my children’’. She continued. ‘’On the 29 June from Poktap in Duk to Panyagor by attackers. We then moved to Paliau. Again we were attacked in Paliau on 1st July and displaced to Patiou. We were then displaced by floods from Patiou on 20 July 2020 to this island’’.  She concluded.

CINA’s Trust Fund has been committed to Procure essential medicines for malaria, diarrhea, respiratory infections, waterborne diseases, anti-snake venom, etc.; Upgrade the status of Panyagor County Hospital to provide blood transfusion services, modern laboratory services, ultrasound services, electricity supply; Support the county health department, Provide mobile medical camps in the flood affected areas of Nyuak and Lith Payam including the surrounding islands; and Conduct risks communication and community engagement activities on waterborne diseases and COVID-19.  During the launching, one of the community women leaders asked if this project has mosquito nets and anti-snake venom. CINA’s program Coordinator responded that, we will report to the Government and donors to help us with mosquito nets. However, we have at least 20 doses of anti-snake venom, although this may not be enough, given many cases of snake bite being reported. In addition to this CINA Health Coordinator Mr. Kuer Elijah said “ This is just a little support to combat emergency and if we don’t receipt prompt back-up though donations It will be hard to save the lives of these vulnerable people CINA has managed to bring in modern and standard medical and lab services but we need collaborative support”

We are therefore, appealing to the Government of South Sudan and the Donor Community to provide more funds for mosquito nets, blankets, tents, water purification tablets, soap, more essential medicines and testing kits required by the vulnerable children and mothers affected by conflicts and floods in Twic East.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Machuor Daniel Arok, Executive Director, CINA South Sudan

Email: machuor@cina-southsudan.org:. Tel:+211921652162/+256759908358



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