CINA’s Core Values

  1. Humanity: ‘passion and compassion for human life’. CINA has a conviction that every human being has the inherent right to life and to live with dignity and the integrity of his/her person, which must be promoted and protected at all costs.
  2. Community Ownership. CINA believes in community involvement as a way of creating a supportive environment for their full participation and shall empower children and youth, families and communities to develop knowledge and skills that will enable them take decisions in respect to their lives, dignity and future.
  3. Solidarity and diversity. We are all part of one human family, accepting one another and living together, whatever our ethnic, national, racial, religious, economic or ideological differences. In an increasingly interconnected world, Loving our neighbors’ has global dimensions. In terms of service delivery, we provide diverse services in holistic manner.
  4. Transparency, accountability and integrity. CINA guided by the principle of ‘saying and doing the right thing’. We demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness at all stages of service delivery to our community in need and to our partners. We speak and take actions against all forms of fraud, abuse and exploitation.