Scope of work

How CINA evolved: In 2009, the youth and students from Jonglei state based in Khartoum Sudan started a CBO, by the name of NYASA just before South Sudan Referendum in 2010 with the aim to mobilize South Sudanese citizens for South Sudan’s Referendum and the subsequent voting for Independence. However, to objectively respond to the effects of conflicts and crises in South Sudan, the name was changed to Community in Need Aid (CINA) in 2013 with a new mandate to save lives, protect dignity and develop resilience of children and families, youth and women from effects of conflicts and disasters. CINA then grew rapidly as a national NGO in South Sudan and the organisations is vibrantly committed to attaining sustainable socio-economic development built on community ownership, peaceful coexistence in diversity, women and youth empowerment, improved quality of life, illiteracy reduction and self-reliance.


CINA envisions a society where children and families prosper beyond conflicts and disasters.


To help in saving lives, protecting dignity and developing resilience of South Sudanese children and families from the effects of conflicts and disasters

Organizational Objectives

  1. To help communities to advocate for solidarity, harmony, to address the root causes and overcome the effects of conflicts, discrimination and violence through community-based projects cooperation, dialogue and networks of South Sudanese Communities;
  2. Reduce human suffering, save lives and empower communities across the country to be self-reliant through agricultural food production, utilization of abundant natural resources and empower them with the livelihood skills and competencies necessary for income generation to reduce the overall rate of poverty;
  3. To promote literacy, human health and best practices in water, sanitation and hygiene through enhanced service delivery and community’s empowerment;
  1. Intervene in disaster management and emergency response such as diseases outbreaks, floods outbreaks and other calamities causing massive displacements and life-threats;
  1. To promote civic education in the areas of gender equality, protection, conflict management, peace, law and order, public health, constitutional development and human rights;
  1. To promote harmony, peace and reconciliation among the people of South Sudan by strengthening social cohesion among the various communities;

To speak for the voiceless in the society by influencing policy-makers at various levels of the society with a viewing to bringing about positive change in attitudes, policies and practices in favour of persons with disabilities, youth, children, women and the poor.